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About Tasja

About MeMy personal experience is proof: we can just connect to the Source . To feel safe doing that  we need to be around trustworthy people  who have had personal challenges, wins and successes, and not just opinions.

Working with my first mentor.

When I was training in interior design by my mentor - that training was non verbal. I naturally tapped into his knowledge as I worked with my project. The distinction is working with the project vs working on the project. Much like a child grows up within his/her environment. That was not stated by my mentor. He had no idea that as he stood over me while I worked; I just tapped into his presence.  I was like a drop of water (his protege). I become the ocean (my mentor) effortlessly .

As I would be putting the design project together on paper, he would stand behind me.  

I could feel the rhythm of his breath and the energy of his being. His involvement with the project could be felt.  He was wildly creative. His energy was insanely on point. I just sucked it up, connecting to this expertise and brining my personal brand of awareness to the design. This was a dream I never dared to dream when I stated to myself "I only want to be where I am valued."

Working in New World of Attitudes.

Success of every project depended on our cooperation and collaboration. Since then I have never seen such dedication: not in personal development or in the exclusive health retreats

This position opened me up to a brand new world of people who loved the life they lived. People who valued each others talent and treated each other with deepest regard. Success of every project depended on our cooperation and collaboration. Since then I have never seen such dedication: not in personal development or in the exclusive health retreats I gravitated to. As I evolved I brought my knowledge of team building, collaboration, project coordination, business relationship skills and results focus to the health and wellness field. This has never been done before. Most people just jump ship, from one profession to another.  When you bring skills from a totally unrelated field to the health, wellness and relationship field, magic happens .

Focused DNA on projects influences my Mentoring Style.

What I have discovered through my experiences is that  success of any project requires a clean focused DNA of the project . Prior to entering the healing arts I was a project co-ordinator and key designer. I combined my wisdom from million dollar projects and blended them with personal development and healing arts.

I combined my wisdom from million dollar projects and blended them with relationship strategies, personal development and healing arts.

I did not just jump ship.

As a project coordinator and key designer responsible for acquiring the projects, from initial conversation all the way through to completion and handover, good skillful people were essential for success. More than that - their commitment to see the project through and working as part of the project without modifying the look prior to seeking approval was essential or the project would fail. The key to it all everything needed to connect to flow.

My personal injuries tested my commitment.

I also had the opportunity to test new levels of collaboration and interdependence when I smashed my back simultaneously in two places. The damage was so severe that it took me 45 minutes to get out of bed: a fraction of centimeter at a time. To do that I had to be very respectful of the damage by allowing myself to feel it.  Then I brought in feelings of joy as part of moving my body as I moved towards the edge of the bed and ultimately to sitting position.  Once I was up it was easy providing I did not open doors or lifted or reached for anything.

Next day Back to work .

my experience is that in most people - every cell is in conflict with the other cells in the body due to its social programming that influences our word views.

That was a start. I immediately went back to work. Any house work was not possible so I reinstated a housekeeper I released just the day prior to the incident that limited my mobility greatly.

I had my housekeeper remove all clips on any doors to be able to open and close them with ease.  This was my opportunity to coordinate my recovery.
Human's hostile attitude of conquering nature.
Our bodies are exactly the same. However, the reality is in my experience is that every cell is in conflict with the other cells in the body due to its programming. As Alan Watts says:  " We are forever "conquering" nature, space, mountains, deserts, bacteria, and insects instead of learning to cooperate with them in a harmonious order" . 

What I have developed is a way to bring natural interaction within the body so you as a natural human being can live in the world of wonder rather than competition. Competition is a form of violence. This undercurrent of covert violence goes on unrecognised in families, intimate relationships and businesses across the globe.

Working with world greats.

I've had the pleasure of working with Michael Hutchence (I worked with him while he lived in Australia and was dating Kylie Minogue). His manager Chris Murphy booked himself and Michael with me. Tony Robbins personally flew  me? to his resort 'Nemale' on the island of Savu Savu, Fiji. I had the privilege of spending personal time with him and his family. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with Tony. This is the experience and attitude I bring with me when we work together. This has been expanded and improved upon over the years as I progressed in my awareness of my personal life and through experiences with my clients.About Me

Cooperation and collaboration is the highest level of self realisation secret to joyful path to success.

My most memorable client was escapee from holocaust.

He remained my client for his last ten years of his life. He escape d at the age of 16 with another man. His respect and humility were his most endearing qualities. His family had lost property and hotels in Germany. They migrated to Australia where h during holocaust. He rebuilt his life. Married, had children, built a business. When his wife fell ill, he cared for her til her passing. He prided himself on his ability to provide everything his wife desired. With great pride and air of accomplishment he took me through his house that he had tiled just the way she wanted. He passed around 2013.

Life is an adventure; you never know what it throws at you. It's how you meet the challenges and the gifts that grows your soul and your integrity.