Elegant Abundance relationship strategist

Desire unexpressed unfulfilled.

Most people are trapped in Desire unexpressed unfulfilled. It remains in the mind and in every cell of the body. this is

Alone, you cannot do your desire justice. Fulfilling your desires takes a team.

like being incarcerated. You have all these dreams and feeling that cannot connect with the physical expression and participation. As an interior designer and project coordinator Tasja understands that alone you cannot do your desire justice. It takes a team. For example. When she created a project on paper; each project without full participation of competent and committed experts committed to see their part through (without modifying it, if they felt modification would enhance the project they would check with Tasja ensuring it fitted with the entire scheme. This is representation of interdependence. Many experts and professionals have a tendency to work in isolation from the whole picture. This is true of natural therapists, psychologists, even life coaches, personal trainers, musicians. They are great at what they do but what they do does not link or deliver the life that this person is lacking. It's like falling of the edge of the world.