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Intimacy is deep relationship in communion that is deeper than communication.

Deep personals relationship is direct relationship with what you are observing. There is no division of good or bad.

It is a communion with where you are at that moment. It is communion with every part of you including body mind and heart. There is extraordinary intimacy in a moment in deep silence and connection to your body where everything stops still. In this space you are receiving purely the essence of the person or object you are observing. Without interpretation, emotionalism or beliefs.

This is deepest sense of Intimacy. It is not a memory of past or mental projection of the future. It is an incredible sense of stillness and peculiar attention that is not concentration. it is attention that is bliss blended with joy. The shift, while beautiful and blissful often frightens people at first due to the overwhelming pleasures pouring into the body.

In this video a woman describes her session. More videos at bottom of page bring a wide range of client experiences of Intimacy sessions.

Fear of the unknown melts as the attitude of merging is directed and feeling of communion between myself and the client is increased.


Intimacy is a feeling of ease with deep sense of pleasure of vastness that is intimacy beyond words.

  • Intimacy can only be experienced where there is Freedom.
  • Freedom can only prevail when the mind is not disabled by any problem of any kind.

Intimacy includes people you share your life with.

Intimacy outside of human interaction is with food air water earth.

 If you don't learn to be intimate with food air water; the very elements that build your body every day, you have absolutely no capacity for intimate human relationships.

We build your relationship with your very life and the life forms that sustain you.




Most people live by accepting problem after problem. They live in perpetual anxiety, despair and disillusionment. They accept that as necessary fact of life.

When people accept problems by living in them, they are not resolving them at all. They claim they have forgotten. They claim that these issues do not matter. But everything matters. Unresolved issues distort the mind. Then falsify perception and interfere with clarity. That problem consumes our very being. Resolving problems from a narrow perspective unrelated to all of life - you are dealing with fragmentations. While fragmented you can not resolve anything because each problem is related to other problems.

It is not about resolving problems one at a time, but see all of life. It is not about seeking an answer. We need to be in communion. In communion you see clear path that in itself resolves the problem.

To understand a problem completely is to be in communion with it.

Then you will find that the problem is not at all important, and that what is important is the state of the mind which is in communion with the problem.

Such a mind does not create problems. But a mind that is not capable of communion with the problem, that is self-centred, egotistic, that wants to express itself, and all the rest of those immature things - it is that petty mind which creates the problems.

-- J. Krishnamurti

Intimacy talk

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