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"VISION & PROGRESS is what sets people apart from the crowd. To live extraordinary life is rarest thing in the world."

Truth Cannot be Structured or Confined
-- Bruce Lee.

When we uncover your meaning of life we become the master connector to our life, health, relationships and business. Disconnection leads to relationship separations and even massive business problems. Everything is relationship of collaboration and interdependence. The power of trust is the master connector to every aspect Of Our Life.

What you will discover about your life, your health, your relationship with yourself. your intimate relationship, friends, colleagues and your business.

What : In our body often there is a dominating factor that suppresses and controls our ability to hear ourselves and the messages others are sending us. This results in a breakdown of communications leading to relationship breakups. But most of all this inability to pay attention to the messages our environment is sending us causes workplace accidents occur. People are hurting deeply. You can only meet people on the level that you meet yourself.‚Äč

How:  Here we begin by bringing all aspects of you together. Begin by trusting the team spirit inside your own body first. Hear it's message personalised for you. Your life is as unique as your fingerprint. The message of your body is unique and specific to your purpose in this lifetime.  Once your body is flowing and appreciating all of itself  , your ability to observe and take appropriate action in your work and relationship environment  changes from action reaction to action solution .


First session revealed how disconnected he was from his body. Last session it became very obvious that what was repressed made me disconnected from my body. Now more awareness of body on cellular level. Now there is a resonance. Used to feel most things mostly in the head. Now every cell is on the same page.


Shift in consciousness; Joel acknowledged the "golden cage" he is referring to as enslavement turns to "golden cage" of protection.

Massive breakthrough for a man who just wants to runaway and live in a tree. Two days earlier he attempted to leave this life on all levels.



Painful memories leaving the body. Connection to new preferences permitted release of trapped emotions. Understanding connection to events that continue to be replayed in the background.

Now he is connected since our walk on the beach. His dental surgery was part of the disconnect to life. This was one of many life adventures we created.

Our intelligence system has been manipulated by synthetic systems that think they know our life better than our soul. Old programming is the place you are used to - it is not the place where you belong.

As part of our Life Mastery Program we include Classical philanthropy training.

Philanthropy is "love of what it is to be human".

Philanthropy is essential nature of being a human being.


  When normal life loses it's meaning comes the Realisation of having led a synthetic life. this realisation can result in leading to the new desires for Living an Organic Life. Full play list - live session.

Reclaiming normal feeling following back surgery (surgery to correct devastating injury to allow him to walk), still he suffered constant pain.


Outcomes & master key lessons learned:

  • Defining quality relationships 
  • Understanding the reason we continue to do what we do. 
  • Get clarity on value of working together for same goal. 
  • Steps to building trust.
  • Importance of engaging with expert outside your area of expertise.
  • How to build relationships.
  • Difference between going with the flow and going for outcomes.
  • Optimizing resources.
  • Expand world view.
  • Identify best practices applied by successful businesses and experts outside your industry and consider combining them with your project for best innovations.
  • Model what successful people do.
  • Importance of repairing reputation. 
  • Importance of paying attention to quality of your relationships. 
  • Value of being connected to quality relationships. 
  • Power of trust. 
  • Walk in integrity and humility and power. 
  • Essentials of empowering people.
  • Use your unique talent and passion in coming up with more creative ways of accomplishing your goals.

Most importantly; engaging with people with broad range of experiences in other industries and applying them for integral results.

"I do not teach you I can only help you explore yourself nothing more."
-- Bruce Lee

We understand how to harness the power of inner connection in combination with our relationship to our environment. Our entire life is multidimensional. Our success is entirely dependent upon how we connect with every aspect of life. We uncover overlooked possibilities and activities that degrade our abilities in activating these possibilities.

Your life challenges and successes are brought together to minimise the business and intimate relationship struggles and emotional limitations.

We offer live client recordings (offered by these clients as gift to you - they expressed how listening to clients experiences helped prepare them in approaching this level of relationship with a coach. These recordings help expand your sense of possibilities  and how to apply reality based decisions.

A person who makes full use of and exploits his talents, potentialities, and capacities. Such a person seems to be fulfilling himself and doing the best he is capable of doing. The self-actualized person must find in his life those qualities that make his living rich and rewarding. He must find meaningfulness, self-sufficiency, effortlessness, playfulness, richness, simplicity, completion, necessity, perfection, individuality, beauty, and truth.

-- Abraham Maslow

At the core of success in any aspect of life are relationships. We need to fall in love with the people or person we are communicating with before we are to begin on the road to any level of progress.

We guide clients to access their natural aspect of receiving. In the modern world we are conditioned to just passively sit back and listen to information. Rarely to we apply the concepts at the very point of receiving. This is our natural ability that has been programmed out of us.

By participating in receiving and integrating simultaneously you immediately transform your culture from inside out. This is foundation of creating new way of relating.

If you are seeing a no-nonsense approach to critical thinking and processing in a decisive manner. The result will shatter your conventional ideas and herd-mentality traditionally applied by majority of relationships strategist.

You know you are in training; when there is a measurable shift in attitude that is expressed in physical reality. Reckless behavior of spiritual teachers forcing emotional release and killing the ego. Why such violence against your inner workings. There is no need to wage war in wisdom of your cells. They have everything they need to purge themselves of the programming trapped by toxins imposed on human consciousness. When we interfere blaming the ego whose job is to protect you in your physical reality.

The recklessness of interfering with a system we do not have absolute knowledge about under the pretence of spiritual healing.

Elegant Abundance Life Mentoring - Support - Services Training - Therapies & Solutions.

" Stresses of habitually overriding cellular intelligence have a tendency to displace and rearrange frequencies throughout the body.

By bringing back the natural rhythm, these frequencies begin to find their rightful place."

These services and events are completely customised to meet your personal, business needs, and challenges for you, that of your family, business associate and staff. As you develop and integrate more tools and skills into your life your preferences change, Elegant Abundance shall work with you on a much deeper level to facilitate the changes you seek. Your lifestyle preferences develop as you change. To keep pace with your journey of exploration for ultimate success in every area of your life; we provide specific techniques and environmental support. Everything we do considers the long term impact on your life. At the very core our intention is to defrag your system. Stresses of overriding cellular intelligence have a tendency to displace and rearrange frequencies throughout the body. By bringing back the natural rhythm, these frequencies begin to find their rightful place. This is evident in our clients over the decades and many thousands of clients reporting their feelings during the process. the result is often greater connection to every aspect of life. The most definable area has been actually tasting foods and water differently. The flavor of water changes when your frequency changes. As Scientist David Suzuki states 'everything is interconnected'. This in our experience includes how we eat. When we connect with everything we place into our body; division disappears. We merge with it rather than just eating and judging food according to our programmed likes and dislikes.

About attitude.

About Elegant Abundance 

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Nothing is more important than your spiritual and emotional health. When your emotional health and your relationships are healthy you immerse your body and your life in a truly transformative experience.  

Attitude, is what ensures the shift from ordinary to extraordinary. Begin by being aware of our environment.




Identify where you are damaging your health & the health of your relationships and business without you realising it.

Your inner communications affect every level of fulfillment in every aspect of your interactions with significant people in your life both business and intimate relationships.

Have you really heard what you are saying?

In these videos we have clear examples of where you are not really hearing what we are saying. Just because you are not hearing you does not mean that what you are not hearing does not mean your are not being affected.

Are you conforming to herd thinking?

If we want to engage with life fully - We need to connect on a deeper level. This begins with your personal relationship to meaning of your own life.

Your will learn to listen to your personal communications. Are you hearing your own language. Are you aware of your actions and how they affect every aspect of your life.